Dream. Dream Big. Dream Radically.

About Us

“A turbulent creative journey into the world of Dreams”

BLAUHAUCH is an international, multidisciplinary, all-female theatre company based in Berlin, inspired by dreamwork.

Comprising nine international performers, from classical theatre, dance, writing and circus we collaborate to create original stage plays. Blauhauch’s unique approach to storytelling

combines immersive and sensory experiences with classical storytelling, magical realism and movement theatre. 

Everything between dream and reality is what inspires our work.

With humor we let our intuition explore our individual and collective truth as women.

Our artistic approach celebrates the irrational, by combining theatre and spiritual practices like lucid dreaming and bringing the depth of the subconscious into the material. By exploring gender dynamics and the potential of remodeling our understanding of the feminine and masculine principles, we celebrate the differences we have as human beings.

We also offer self-empowering artistic workshops on dreamwork with the intention of empowering and finding the creative voice and truth in this world.


In November 2017 nine women came together in an artistic residency in Gran Canaria to write and develop a play based on dreams. Led by dream therapist and author Marion Bott we interwoven nine dreams to create a story.

During 2018 we kept on developing the story and our method of work,

in autumn we had a sold out run with ‘What Silence has to say’ at Theater Unterm Dach Berlin.

Blauhauch’s primary working language is English.

In our company, we also speak fluent German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Swiss German.

All of the Blauhauch creative members are established throughout Europe in their artistic fields.


“Blue is the invisible becoming visible. Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond the dimensions of which other colors partake.”

Yves Klein


Blauhauch means blue breath. 

Who am I when I am not what others dream me to be?

Working with dreams

Dreams server as source content for our plays. Our development process relies heavily on techniques like intuitive writing,

improvisation, dream circles, radical honesty, meditation and various collaborative leadership practices.

Via an intuitive writing process and by physically reenacting the scene and giving all characters a voice,

the subconscious meanings and intentions of our dreams are revealed to us.

A deeper understanding of the dream emerges and insights seem to hit an awakened state in our brains.

Once on the page we examine closer the relation between the characters and common themes

in all the different unique dreams we have experienced. 

As a starting point to manifest both our night and day dreams onto paper and the stage we ask ourselves,

"What is the feeling that this symbol wants to  express and how does it translate into reality?"

Dreamwork demystifies our dreams by creatively placing the scenarios into reality. 

Our process is inherently intimate and vulnerable. Trust, therefore, is at the center of our creative process. 

Focusing on individual empowerment and new leadership models, we collectively strive to unlearn the structures in which we were raised. For example, using a technique called “radical honesty” Blauhauch members are encouraged to express 

out-loud thought, feelings and ideas. Speaking truth releases pressure, reinforces our professional and personal bond, and fosters creative freedom. Using this effective method, we have both grown as individuals and artists. 




What Silence Has To Say…

A new devised play created by Blauhauch

What does Silence have to say? What is it that we want to say when we are unable to speak?

What is our subconscious screaming at us when we feel like something is going on and can't say what it is?

We thought the best answer is to be found in our dreams. So we dreamt. 


This co-written play based on dreams explores the different facets of female sexuality from abuse to ecstasy. 

Through intuitive writing, dream circles, improvisation and research we made nine dreams into one

which tells the story of Silence.

Jill, an overworked mother and businesswoman in her forties falls asleep and dreams that she is a man who desperately wants to be a woman. She can't speak in her dream and is baptized Silence.

On the search for her voice Jill goes through a transformation.

If we don't want to be what we have been so far, what do we want to be?

A small town, a quirky community, where everyone needs everyone, a microcosme. The characters all seem to run in their self made hamster wheel, wanting so much from themselves and from others but having no idea how to get there. There's the Patrona of the local cabaret, a fighter, always trying to make everybody laugh with all her force; Iceabella, the beauty, everybody's in love, who closed her heart not knowing how to handle the attention; Ben Ame, a charming French man, who's crippled by not being loved; the Psychiatrist, who loves money and prescribing pills; Tyron, who drowns his anger in alcohol and Heather a 14 years old girl just turning into a woman. Then there is Green,

the Internet and the connection between the dream and the conscious world. At night, Jill encounters all the dream symbols that literally rob her of her voice. Silence becomes what everybody is afraid of, the mirror of all shadows we

carry within ourselves. The answer lies in the Silence when silence starts to speak. 

What Silence Has To Say dances in between the absurd, the dream and the reality.

Expect an evening of colorful and shameless feminine performance.


The play starts with a dream meditation led by one of the actresses, which let's the audience take the perspective of the other gender and watch the show from this new point of view. During the play the audience can expect an immersive and sensory journey filled with humor, shameless storytelling and surreal interactions. We close the evening with a sharing circle where impressions and feelings can be shared by the audience and the actors. 





The play is 1 hour and 35 minutes long including a meditation at the beginning. No interval. 


People on tour: 4 actresses 


Get in time: Minimum 4 hours


Get out time: 1 hour 


Language: English


Age guidance: 16+


1 stage manager/ light & sound operator ( we ask it to be from the Festival/ Theatre)



Ideal no raised stage, preferably black box. No scenery. 

Height: In the space there is one hanging point that takes at least 300 kilos for hanging

equipment and 3m minimum height of the rigging point.

Dream. Dream big. Dream radically.

More information please contact us. 




Blauhauch workshops are from women for women on the path of self-empowerment and freedom through creative writing, dreaming and performance.


Taming the dragon is a three day long workshop designed to ignite the fire of creativity in women who want to claim back the power of their inner dreamers, writers and performers. If you are called to discover your creative vision, voice and embodiment, this workshop will give you the tools to gain confidence and trust in yourself, open the channels to shameless storytelling and stretch your boundaries to perform your own work at the end of the process. Our intention to create a playful, safe and magical space supports the depths of the creative processes.

The workshop is divided in three parts: Dreaming, Writing, Performing. This three act structure allows the mind to rest and the creator to awaken on a heroine's journey.


Why "taming the dragon?" Calling back the ancient wisdom of archetypes, the dragon represents pure and untaimed life force and therefore creative power. The tamer within us is the voice that has been conditioned by our upbringing, society, and the expectations we have towards ourselves. Often times we are either identified with the dragon or the tamer, which creates disequilibrium and distress. But what if both were to unite and the tamer was at service of the creative life force the dragon ignites? It manifests in ART.

- In English - or German - Or French

How many women can participate? 12-15 people

Spaceholders: 3 women 

What to expect:

1. Dream-circles

2. Creative writing

3. Improvisation / Acting methods

4. Sharing circles

5. Movement and Bioenergetic practices





2012 Theaterakademie Mannheim

2014 University of Essex, Master of Arts

2016 Filmuniversität Potsdam, MA Screenwriting /dramaturgy

2018 Certified Dream Therapist and Coach

As a writer she had sponsored residencies for VOX TV in Germany, as well as in Kitzbühel and Marseille.

Her plays 'Cyberlove' and 'Moormaid, funded by Arts Council England, got published and shown at Stadttheater Ingolstadt and Arcola Theatre London. 

As an actress she worked at Theater Darmstadt, the Globe London, the Cockpit Theatre London a.o. as well as in 'Tatort' and 'Sandstern' by Yilmaz Arslan. She works internationally in four languages.

In 2017, she founded Blauhauch, a female multidisciplinary theatre company working with dreams. The main focus of her work is to expose taboos, empower people to remove their masks and speak their truth fearlessly. 

From France/Germany.

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